Instructions for presentations

The general conference platform that we’ll use is the UPC institutional platform, MyEvent, which will include access to programme and online events, as well as certificates of participation and attendance.

Registered participants will be invited to join the platform to fully enjoy the conference.

Online presentations 

The main tool will be Zoom. The preferred option is live presentations, but pre-recorded presentations are also accepted.

Online presentations to be delivered live will be assigned a specific 30-minute slot, like on-site presentations (15 minutes for the presentation, 10 minutes for discussion, 5 minutes for change of panel).

Pre-recorded presentations will be posted on the platform so that they are accessible to all participants prior to the conference. 

Live presentations:

The preferred format for online presentations is live presentation, with a question and answer period at the end.

Live presentations, including the question and answer period, should last for a maximum of 25 minutes. The last 5 minutes in each slot should be left blank to allow attendees to change panels.

In advance to the conference, live presenters should check that they are familiar with Zoom and that their microphone and camera work well, as well as that they have a stable internet connection.

Panels are organized in two blocks, separated by a 10-minute screen break.

Presenters must connect to the room 10 minutes before their block is due to start (not just their presentation). Presenters in the first block will connect 10 minutes before the panel starts. Presenters in the second block should connect (at the latest), at the start of the screen break.

After a short introduction by the panel chair, presenters will have a maximum of 15 minutes to give their presentation. It is very important that they stick to the allotted time. Panel chairs will remind presenters of the remaining time.

Presenters will have a panelist role in Zoom webinar, and will share their screen to show participants their slides. The question and answer period will consist of live questions from the audience (whose mics will be unmuted) as well as via chat.

Pre-recorded presentations:

Deadline for submitting videos: 15th June via the MyEvent platform (only accessible to registered participants).

Technical details:

These are standard features for YouTube videos, but if you need any help, write to

Pre-recorded videos will be posted on a private YouTube channel which will only be accessible to conference participants via the MyEvent platform. Videos will be available prior to the conference start and until three months after the conference. After that, they will be deleted.

Those participants choosing to make a pre-recorded video will be given a slot in the conference programme (like live presenters). Also remember that you should attend the session live for the Q&A session (in addition to synchronous communication, you will also be able to interact via the private YouTube chat feature).

On-site presentations (circumstances permitting)

Presenters will have access to a room equipped with a Zoom video conference system so that their presentations are accessible to both online and on-site participants. They will also be given a 30-minute slot (15 minutes for the presentation, 10 minutes for discussion, 5 minutes for change of panel).

Participants will be required to use the computer in the room (not their laptop) and send their slides in advance so that they can be uploaded before the session (Deadline: 5th July).

Parallel on-site presentations will not be recorded, but participants will have the option of making their slides available to all participants.